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Biography of Mary Kom – Legendary Queen With Her Achievement

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mary kom

Biography of Mary Kom :

Indian professional female boxer  Mary Kom is the best female boxer in the world, born on 1 March 1983, MC Mary is also known as Mangte Chungneijang. Mary is a From Kangathei, Manipur.



biography of mary kom



Early Life :



biography of mary kom



she did school from Loktak Christian Model high school and Magnificent Mary did her graduation from Churachandpur College. Mary struggles a lot during school days and does work on the farm at a very small age, While she was in school.

However, all the resistances created Mary stronger and additional resilient by the day, Mary proved that boxing was so in her blood. Mary Kom has two children, Rechungvar and Khupneivar and is married to K Onler Kom.

she participated at the State Boxing Championships,  she won the trophy in the state championship. after, Tonpa saw his daughter’s image in the native newspaper that he set to finally support her. she loves to play different sports throughout schooling days.

However, she started following Manipuri boxer Dingko Singh while he was her boxing inspiration. Mary Kom wasn’t a scholar. She even failing at school. however, she knew her strength and determined to continue her passion at any price.

She is publicly referred to as Mc Mary Kom (Magnificent Mary) Mary Kom is a five-time World Boxing Champion and she is the only boxer to win a medal in every one of the six world championships. She is currently ranked as Number.4 in the Flyweight category of AIBA World Women’s Ranking.



Career :






  • Magnificent Mary came in boxing in 2000.  K. Kosana Meitei is her first coach.
  • In the 2001 year, MC mary debuts at World level International Boxing Association Girl’s World Boxing. winning a medal within the forty-eight-kilo weight class.
  • Magnificent Mary won at the forty-five-kilo weight category at the second International Boxing Association Girl’s World Boxing Championship in Turkey in the 2002 year. she won three-time international level AIBA Women’s World between 2001-2006.
  • Mary won the silver medal in the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship in India in 2008.
  •  In 2009, Mary won the gold medal in Asian indoor games in Vietnam.
  • Mary won her fifth gold medal in Kazakhstan in 2010. On 3rd October 2010, she, beside Sanjay and Harshit, had the honor of bearing the Queen’s Baton in its ceremony run within the construction for the 2010 Commonwealth Games of Delhi.
  • In 2012, Mary Kom is the only one women qualify for Olympics and she won bronze medal Medal.
  •  At the flyweight category in Korea, she won a gold medal in 2014.
  • she was paid twenty-five lakhs for the 2014 Priyanka-starer biopic titled ‘Mary Kom’. this film motivated so many people.
  • She is the first best Indian woman boxer won a gold medal in the Asian Games. and Mary Kom is the first professional boxer awarded by Padma Bhushan. also, MC Mary Kom is a member of the Rajya Sabha when being nominative by the President of India in 2016.
  • After the next 2 years, she won the World Championship. According to a report, Mary Kom’s earnings post-Olympics was calculable to be about to Rs 3 crores.
  • the Rajasthan state governments each providing fifty lakhs for the Olympic medal winner. Most of her financial gain was from tournament earnings and whole endorsements.
  • while she considered as one of the best women boxer in India and also mary considered as best at flyweight. in addition she made Country proud by her talent.
  • In addition to the success in sports, she is currently concerned about the humanitarian work of teaching boxing to youngsters of the poor people. Furthermore, she believes and did work for wild animal support.




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Biography of Mary Kom - Legendary Queen With Her Achievement

Biography of Mary Kom : Indian professional female boxer  Mary Kom is the best female boxer in the world, born on 1 March 1983, MC Mary is also known as Ma

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