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India professional Athlete Hima das has won consistently five gold medals in just 19 days. She is the new idol of Assam, India. The golden girl shocked the people by winning five gold medals. She made India country too proud. Hima won three gold medals in just one week. The father of Hima is astonished and her father called to congratulate her.

Hima’s village is suffering from a flood attack. It is very hard to live in such a condition. The mobile network is not properly working in the village. still she able to manage herself in such a situation. Hima’s father says “we proud of you” and “you play well”. she sacrifices lots in her career. her father is a hardworking farmer.

People living In Assam are very hardworking and Hima’s success makes the village so proud of her. In addition, Nipon das and Nabajit Malakar are the trainers of Hima das. these two experienced trainers help golden girl Hima for an international career. Nipon das always say good about Hima’s talent. and she proves her talent in the sport.

the Trainer says, “ she only understands time, she runs with time, she doesn’t take part in others race ”. Hima only visualizes the finishing line. Coach Nipon das says, “she saw only finishing line and if the coach says I need timing in your race, then golden girl completed the race under time ”. On the other hand, she is strong-minded in sport.

Hima is straightforward in nature. While she is like a tomboy in her house. There are six members in her house. The golden girl running skill is so strong that her friend does not call for football. she takes part in school running sport and Hima top in running sport in school. from childhood, she is a good runner. But instead of running she loves football sport.

Hima dreams to get India Tshirt. Also, she says to our friends I need to do something to get a proud India T-shirt. And Hima accomplishes her goal and proved to so many people that everyone can do it. Most importantly everyone needs the inspiration to do anything in his career but in the case of Hima, she doesn’t need any inspiration.

Hima runs like wind no one can grab her. When Hima on track she only saw the finishing line. Hima believes in only finishing line and time. golden girl Hima is a good sprinter these two things are important in her life. at the time of the race, she is too serious about running. Hima doesn’t take any tension and always in a funny mood.

only one and a half years of training make her so professional in this sport. Even more, She won the gold medal at 100m, 200m. Also, Hima das 400m final game won the gold medal. At the age of nineteen, she made the whole country proud and every people in the country are proud of her. Furthermore, social media is also praising her too drastically.

Hima das record in 200m is just twenty-three seconds. It is very difficult for other athlete But Hima is born for this type of sport. After watching such an incredible performance of winning five gold medals by Hima. the people are calling her golden girl of India. she is very consistent about her career. Also, her 400m final record is fifty-two seconds.

she is the only one women at the age of nineteen consistently won five gold medal at international level within nineteen days. Meanwhile, the new inspiration of the world. she inside contains lots of talent. Furthermore, she is the new brand ambassador for the sport in Assam.

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Hima Das -The Golden Girl of India

THE GOLDEN GIRL OF INDIA - HIMA DAS :     India professional Athlete Hima das has won consistently five gold medals in just 19 days. She is the n

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