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About Brains Second Opinion: Valuable guidance & peace of mind

Regardless of your condition, you can now access renowned super-specialists at Brains for online Second Opinion consultation from anywhere in the world. The Bangalore-based Brains is a super-specialty hospital where trusted experts work with advanced technology to deliver Gold Standard neuro and spine care 24/7. The Brains Second Opinion programme gives you easy online access to its eminent doctors, helping you take the best possible decisions for your illness. So, if you have been diagnosed with a serious braindisease and wish to consult a world leading expert before deciding on a difficult course of treatment, including surgery, then consider the Brains Second Opinion programme. It assures you valuable guidance and peace of mind.

Resources available under the Brains Second Opinion programme for remote consultation include: Online top neurologists, online neurosurgical consultation and online neuro-oncology consultation. Now you can speak to top neurologists & top neurosurgeons online and get neurologist consultation from the comfort of your home and in complete privacy.

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