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The Best Wrestler In WWE Right Know With There Rank

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Best Wrestler In WWE Are :

Rank 1.  Brock Lesnar


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Brock Lesnar is The Best Wrestler In WWE right know. he is a professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist champion. also known as in WWE The Beast and The Beast Incarnate.

Brock Lesnar signs up for WWE in 2000. he was the fastest but youngest world heavyweight champion at the age of 25. while he is one of the Strongest heavyweight wrestlers in a WWE ring.

Beast Incarnate attracted so many people around the world with his skill. while he appears in WWE for a very short time but he is the highest-paid wrestler in WWE. fans do beast action when his entrance hits. Brock is the main reason behind Undertaker streak break 30-1.

he is the most incredible Universal Champion for a long time in his WWE career. he was on the cover of ‘WWE 2K14’. brock conquer the most dangerous wrestler of WWE Bill Goldberg In 2017, he wins the WWE Universal Championship.

he made $6.5 million for 2017 and became the top of the highest-paid wrestler and currently, he won 2019 money in the bank match. and Brock Lesnar net worth is $22 million dollars in 2019.





Rank 2. Randy Orton


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Randy Orton debuted in WWE Smackdown with defeated hardcore holly. Above all, he is a most complete wrestler in WWE. he fights with his opponent very intelligently. Randy Orton is a thirteen-time WWE champion. and he wins two titles at the same time in WWE history.

besides his father is also wrestling in WWF. Sports is in his family blood and Randy Orton is the youngest world champion in the history of WWE at the age of 24. know he signs up with WWE Smackdown. besides The Viper Randy Orton is known as “legend killer”. Above all, he also is known as Viper, apex predator, and third-generation superstar.

in 2019, he earns $2.9 million dollars but in 2019, Randy Orton net worth is  $11 million.





Rank 3.  Seth Rollins



<img src="seth422x4652.jpg"alt="best wrestler in the world">



Seth Rollins returned to the WWE from injury to face Triple H at Wrestlemania in 2017. currently, he signs up with WWE RAW and the new Universal Champion right now. while he defeated so many wrestlers in 2019. After, he won Men’s royal rumble match of 2019.

After he made a match with Brock Lesnar for Universal Championship at WrestleMania 35, the result was Seth Rollins is the Universal Championship. he is the current best wrestler in WWE Ring. Likewise, Seth Rollins merchandise is popular in fans.

he always dreams to be in the main event of Wrestlemania and achieved it. in 2017, Seth earned $2 million Dollars. as a result, in 2018 Seth Rollins received a raise up to $3 million and the current year 2019, the net worth is  $9 million.

Rank 4.  AJ Styles



<img src="aj-style.jpg"alt="best wrestler in the world">




AJ STYLE utilizes the best tactics for defeating an opponent and he is one of the world’s best professional wrestlers. While he played so many international main events in life. Meanwhile, he is the complete form of a Best wrestler in WWE. AJ Style has a good wrestle skill. After when he fights with John Cena for the WWE title and defeated him. from that day Onwards his career grown very fast.

he manages to handle WWE Championship Title in 2016 for a long time. Although, style famous dialogue is “the face that runs the place”. the phenomenal one is the second-longest WWE champion. As a result, his finishing moves make him a good wrestler in the world.

he is in the cover star of WWE 2K19. AJ Style net worth  $3 to $4 million in 2016, when he joined the WWE. But In 2019,  it is $6 million.



Rank 5.  Roman Reigns


<img src="roman.png" alt="best wrestler in wwe">



Roman Reigns Debuted on 18 November 2012, as a shield member and He won 2015 Royal Rumble. Roman was in a big event headline at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar. Big Dog is work under WWE Smackdown. the ring name of Roman is “Big Dog”.

probably Roman considered as the energetic player of WWE. he was featured in most of the main event of Wrestlemania for a long time. he has known as the face of the new WWE . his next big event in Saudi Arabia against Shane McMahon on 7 June 2019.

Roman Reigns net worth $5 million dollars annually and grows faster every year.















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Best Wrestler In WWE Are | with Rank

The Best Wrestler In WWE is Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton Aj Style, Seth Rollins, Roman reigns.

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