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5 Reasons Answering – Why is Khabib Nurmagomedov a Best UFC Fighter

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khabib nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the best UFC fighters and he is also known as the Eagle. He has set huge standards by being an undefeated fighter in the history of UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship). Khabib has defeated the two-division Title holder, Notorious Conor McGregor. on the other hand, he ranks as number one in the list of a lightweight champion. Currently, he is the best lightweight champion in UFC. khabib UFC record is 27-0.


khabib nurmagomedov



Why is Khabib Nurmagomedov a Best UFC Fighter :

1) Believe in Yourself :

Khabib is good in reads the mind of fighters. on the other hand, Eagle believes in Action instead of talk. the Eagle always visualizes the fight in his mind and Currently, he is the best UFC fighter in the light-weight category.

Firstly, when Conor McGregor says ” I am going to defeat you ” so many times. Conor’s word is failed so many times. Although, McGregor is a good fighter after Khabib. Secondly, when khabib says “I make you tap out, send me a location for fight, I smash you”, and Eagle words isn’t failed, he does whats he said.

Finally the fights day, khabib made Conor tired. he used wrestling skills, drop him, continue punches and fights are started on the ground. after that, khabib put Conor in submission mode and he tapped out.

2) Expertise :

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a dominant player in the UFC After defeating Conor. the Notorious Conor is a good fighter but as times passes new player has to take the other places. most importantly there is no permanent place for the player in UFC, the next player will come and drag you.

Eagle has the big advantage of wrestling skill, this helps him to put down the opponent but his grappling technique is making an opponent tap out. while Most of the fights are won by the grappling technique.

Therefore he is the best UFC fighter in the world. Moreover, khabib brokes the opponent’s mental barrier, physical barrier and makes them tired in fights.

3) Incalculable :

At the time of fighting with Conor McGregor, people are judging the khabib can win the fight or not. but he gives an amazing left hook to Conor. On the other hand, Conor is also prepared in these fights. while khabib comes with an impressing wrestling skill and striking.

Khabib is good at smashing the opponent. He makes his opponent tired during fights. Also, we cant measure his limit. Moreover, opponents can’t calculate his moves, that’s why he is unpredictable. the eagle record is 27-0. Meanwhile best lightweight UFC fighters.


4) Dominant Player :

The Eagle khabib set a huge standard in this sport and he made his dominance in this sport. After every fights his dominance is spreading all over the world. Likewise, he surprises the people after defeating the opponent.

While it required lots of effort, practice, sacrifices, giving each and every day to our loving sport. Khabib Nurmagomedov broke all good fighter pride including Edson Barboza, Darrell Horcher, Rafael dos Anjos, Kamal Shalorus, Al LaQuinta and Conor McGregor.

5) Ability :

if we are talking about the ability of eagle then he is very good at different fighting techniques. as a result, he is the most dominant player of UFC. Above all, he looks calm on the face before fights but every fight his ability improves drastically. he is considered as the best lightweight UFC fighters.

Firstly, At the age of Seventeen Khabib pursued a career in combat sambo. secondly, he started street fights. after that, he started concentrating on Mixed martial arts. However, he learns so many fights techniques including Wrestling, Judo, boxing, Kickboxing, Freestyle wrestling.

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